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Health Literacy Hub

Health literacy is about how people find, understand and use information to make decisions about their health. It is also about how people understand and navigate the health care system. In recent years the focus of health literacy has shifted from individual responsibility for understanding complex systems and information to organisations improving the health environment to match the needs of their consumers.

Health care providers can improve the healthcare environment by:

  • improving the way information is provided, (plain language, simple formatting and clear about what actions are required)
  • checking understanding of information in clinical interactions, (using teach back, Ask me 3 techniques)
  • considering of how people navigate the health service (signs and directions)

This page contains a collection of resources that CEH has produced and collected over many years. It also includes relevant training CEH offers. We hope you find them helpful.

CEH Health Literacy Resources

80 workshops delivered by CEH in 2018

Trainers Jolyon Burford, Siri Gunawardana and Spase Veljanovski delivered 80 workshops and presentations throughout Victoria and interstate. Siri got the most holiday sounding venue – Noosa (it was South Brisbane, but whatever).
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Mercy Health engages more clients with Health Literacy

Multicultural services are a significant part of Mercy Health. “Mercy Hospital for Women was one of the first Victorian public hospitals to establish multicultural services. It’s an important part of who we are and how we see our broader community,” said...

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Using Teach-Back via an interpreter

Using Teach-Back via an interpreter

‘Teach-back’ enables better communication by inviting health practitioners to ask patients, to repeat key information verbally back to the practitioner to ensure mutual understanding and facilitate better care.
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Written communication

Written communication

Health information is an important part of health literacy. Clients and the community need to be able to access, understand and act on health information. A lot of health information is presented in a complex way, and is often in writing.
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What is Health Literacy?

What is Health Literacy?

Understand the three elements of health literacy from the perspective of different stakeholders, and the role they play in improving health outcomes for patients.
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Relevant CEH Training

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Resources by Other Agencies

Health Translations Directory

14,000 quality health information resources in over 100 different languages.

Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast

A great collection of podcasts with those in-the-know about health literacy.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Information, tools, and links on health literacy research, practice, and evaluation for public health topics and situations.

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network

Useful resources for primary care professionals working in clinical or community settings.

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network

This tool is designed to help you assess your practice’s operations and how they may impact on patient health literacy. 

The Department of Health and Human Services – Tasmania

Information and practical tools to help health and human service workers improve health literacy

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

A collection of resources to assist clinicians, consumers and healthcare executives and managers to improve their understanding of health literacy and provide advice on how to improve it.

Better Health Channel

Australia’s most trusted, comprehensive, and easy to understand health and medical information website.

ipc Health

Health Literacy Guide – Making client resources easy to use and understand