Projects we have undertaken

Here is a short list of current and past projects that we have undertaken.

Hospitals and Translations

In collaboration with Victorian hospitals, CEH produced a best practice resource for practitioners to use when producing patient health information. The project also produced translated patient messages for Emergency departments to use in their waiting rooms.

Health Translations Directory

Health Translations is an online library which enables health practitioners and those working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to easily find free translated health information.

Rainbow Connections

Rainbow Connections is a creative platform for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to share their experiences in relation to health, identity, gender, relationships, culture, racism and discrimination. 

Drop the Jargon Day

Drop the Jargon is a day for professionals in Australian health, community services and local government to use plain language.n.

Disability Services Directory

Find professionals and service providers operating in the NDIS and offer services to CALD communities.