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The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH) is aiming to raise awareness about long COVID and its impacts among culturally and linguistically diverse communities. We have created the comprehensive long COVID HELP website that consolidates easily understandable and translated information from both Australia and international sources. This initiative ensures that COVID-related information is readily accessible to individuals in their preferred language.

To assist you in promoting this website CEH has created translated and plain English campaign resources.

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Social Media Tiles


Long COVID help website resources Plain English Tiles

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Long COVID help website resources Arabic Tiles

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Simplified Chinese

Long COVID help website resources Simplified Chinese Tiles

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Long COVID help website resources Vietnamese Tiles

CLICK HERE for Vietnamese Social Media Tiles


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A4 Posters


English long COVID poster

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Arabic long COVID A4 poster

CLICK HERE for Arabic A4 Poster

Simplified Chinese

CLICK HERE for Simplified Chinese A4 Poster


CLICK HERE for Vietnamese A4 Poster

Last reviewed: July 2023
Target audience: General

Languages: English

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