Hospitals and Translations

CEH was contracted by DHHS to deliver this two year project (2018-2020).

CEH conducted consultations with hospital staff and patients in Victorian hospitals to identify challenges and enablers to producing and distributing patient information in a hospital setting.

In response to the support needs identified by hospitals, the following resources were developed.

Hospital staff can access these resources to use within their hospital. Please refer back to this page again, as we will add and adapt resources for hospitals in the near future.

Best Practice Model- a resource for hospital staff:

 Producing Patient Information- a guide for hospital staff

This resource is designed to help you when you are thinking about producing patient information (eg. a leaflet, factsheet, recording, video). It takes you through what you should think about prior to starting

a project, and contains links to resources to help you. It is relevant for all hospital staff, including clinicians, and provides guidance on translation considerations as well.

Download Guide (PDF)

Webinar for hospital staff- Plain language writing for patients

Watch Webinar

This 59 minute webinar was recorded in April 2020 and is delivered by Becky Lo and Spase Veljanovski.

This webinar is for hospital staff who develop patient information resources (eg. factsheets/pamphlets, videos/recordings or posters).

In the acute hospital setting, communicating complex health information can be challenging for patients and staff. This can be harder for patients who have limited English. Patient information resources, when produced and used effectively, assist communication. They can be used as a conversation aid, or given to patients to process information in their own time.

This seminar will provide key practical tips for developing high quality health information resources for English speaking and non-English speaking patients.

Clinicians, communications, patient experience and continuous improvement staff, in particular, will benefit from this session.

You will learn:

  • Best practice tips for producing information resources which meet your patients’ needs
  • How to recognise a good quality patient information resource
  • Plain language writing skills
  • Writing for your target audience, including translations
  • Links to tools and resources to support you and your patients

Translated patient messages for Emergency Departments

The project worked with Emergency Department clinicians and hospital Quality and Safety staff to develop messages for patients in Emergency waiting rooms.

The following messages, available in 20 languages, address common communication points experienced in hospital emergency patients:

  • Thank you for waiting. We will see you as soon as we can.
  • Thank you for your patience. There may be someone who needs urgent care who is seen before you. Your needs are important, and we will see you as soon as we can.
  • If you start to feel worse or if you are more worried, please tell a staff member immediately.
  • Please do not leave, but if you do, tell us before you leave. We may be able to help you.
  • Patients provided input into the wording of these messages.

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