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Emergency Department- patient messages

The following translations were developed by the Hospitals and Translations Project (2020).
Supported by CEH, a working group of clinicians and quality staff from 4 Victorian emergency departments, developed the English text which was translated professionally into 20 languages. Community and/or second translator checking was also conducted. The messages were identified as common communication points amongst ED waiting room patients and staff in Victorian emergency departments.

Each PDF is a bilingual resource with English and the translation in the same document. The translated text in each text box corresponds to the English text in the box beside it. You may copy and paste the text for use in brochures, posters or other printed resources. If you wish to display the message electronically, you will need to create EPS files. Your communications department may be able to assist with this. If not, you can also contact a translation company for a quote. These translations were conducted through

To copy and paste the translated text onto a separate document here are some steps:

  1. Select the text
  2. To copy: Press Ctrl+C (or right click and select “Copy” from the dropdown menu)
  3. To paste: Press Ctrl+V (or right click and select “Paste” from the dropdown menu)
  4. When pasted, compare the text that you pasted with the one in the PDF. Does it look exactly the same? If not, it’s probably because you don’t have the font installed in your computer, or the software where you are pasting the translations doesn’t support that script.

Last reviewed: May 2020
Target audience: General

Languages: Arabic Chinese Chinese (Simplified) Croation Dari Dinka Farsi (Persian) Greek Hazaragi Hindi Italian Karen Khmer (Cambodian) Macedonian Nepali Punjabi Serbian Tamil Turkish Vietnamese

Resource Type: Tip/Fact Sheets Tools Video