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This resource was designed for refugee and migrant communities in Victoria about catch-up vaccinations It was developed in consultation with the community and was tested with the community.

What are catch-up vaccinations?

Vaccinations (vaccine injections) are recommended for all people to protect them against serious infections
and some types of cancer.  Refugees and asylum seekers need catch-up vaccinations when they arrive in Australia. This happens because there are different vaccines in their home countries, or people may not have had healthcare or vaccines when living outside Australia.

‘Catch-up’ vaccinations means giving people vaccinations so they have received all the vaccines recommended in Australia. Even though vaccines are usually given during childhood, it is important to give them to young people and adults if they have missed vaccinations when living outside Australia. Once you have finished catch-up vaccinations you do not need to have them again.
Your doctor or nurse may also suggest extra vaccines, like flu vaccine. Flu vaccine is not part of catch-up vaccinations.

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