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The Language Services Guide is designed to support and encourage all agencies, no matter how established or confident they are in their practices, to aim for continuous improvement in their provision of language services.  Almost a decade has passed since we released the last Language Services Guide and an update with new examples of language service initiatives is timely and necessary.

With Victoria becoming a more linguistically diverse State, the need for such a guide is greater than ever. The Guide showcases examples, in the form of case studies contributed from organisations across Victoria, of ways to approach and implement language services.


Contents of the guide

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of the guide
  • Language services
  • Methodology
  • Considerations for better practice in language services provision
  • Case studies of better practice
  • Partnering with refugee communities
  • A new survey tool delivers positive changes
  • An interpreter for every patient who needs one
  • Making better use of bilingual staff
  • Building organisational cultural competence
  • ‘talking book’ explains immunisation in 13 languages
  • A better start for children from migrant and refugee families
  • Three steps to better translations
  • Embedding an interpreter with local aged and disability services
  • A strong consumer focus improves translations
  • Further information and resources

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Resource Type: Tip/Fact Sheets