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Peer Education

Aug 9, 2015

Our Peer Education Program aims to work with people from the community to open up discussions about sexual health and blood borne viruses in a way that is easy to understand and is culturally appropriate.

Peer Educators are recruited from the community and trained to build their skills and knowledge about sexual health and blood borne viruses.

We recognise that many refugee communities in Australia have not completed formal education or report not speaking English well. We also know that for many cultures it is not common to talk about sexual health and blood borne viruses. There are a lot of misunderstandings and stigma around these issues that exist in many communities.

The Peer Educators play a vital role in sharing this information with people they know from their community as they have a good understanding of their culture and provide feedback about what content is relevant and acceptable. Peer Educators also have an option of speaking in their own language.

Some communities we’ve worked with have been the Liberian, Karen, Chin, Ethiopian and Vietnamese communities. To learn more about this project please contact Pier Moro.

Meet our Vietnamese peer educators for 2015!

From left to right: Tuan Nguyen, Hong An Nguyen, Thuy Dang, Tien Pham, Elizabeth Nguyen, Mai-Linh Nguyen, Kieu Nguyen, Giang Quach

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