Olivia tells us why she joined the Multicultural Community Action Network

Oct 11, 2015 | M-CAN, News | 0 comments

The Multicultural Community Action Network (MCAN) is intended to develop long term partnerships that will bring together peer educators, other relevant community leaders and CEH. Olivia Williams is a peer educator who is dedicated to improving the health of her community.

How did you get involved in the Multicultural Community Action Network (M-CAN?)

I got involved with the M-CAN through the partnership with Spectrum MRC. At the time I was a Parenting Educator/settlement worker. I was approached by the Peer Educator Coordinator at the time. I recruited some other peer educators and together we were trained for the program.

Why do you think other people from the community should be involved in this new initiative?

I think other people from the community should be involved in this program because the more people in the community educated on health issues, the better chances of reducing or eradicating health problems in the community.

What are some of the advantages for being involved in M-CAN?

Some of the advantages of being involve in M-CAN is being able to give back positively to the community. Also being aware of health issues affecting the community and being able to help address the problem and educate your fellow community members on prevention, treatment and managing issues that are affecting them.

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