Sexual Health and Relationships Education (SHARE) – Educational Tool

We spoke to young people to find out how they learn about sexual health. Based on this research, we developed comics designed to facilitate discussions about sexual health. The comics are available online for teachers or anyone working with young people. The comics come with Facilitators Guides, Fact Sheets and information about relevant services available.  

Many people, including teachers, find it hard to start a discussion about sexual health.  We found that using comics and asking young people to talk about the scenario in the comic, is a great way to get the discussion started.

To help facilitators who are unsure or uncomfortable with the content of the comics, our Facilitators Guides offer tips and ideas about some of the issues they can explore in each comic.

The Fact Sheets offer more detailed information about the key themes in the comics, and along with the Services Available, can be easily printed or accessed for the young people to use at their leisure.  

To learn more about this project please contact Rebecca Reeves.

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