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Have you set your goals for 2024? Time is often the greatest barrier to reflection, so while the pace is a little slower as we enter the new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and set our goals for the months ahead.

Without someone to guide us through our reflection, figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming. In our Cultural Competence training, we walk you through situations and ways you can improve, but without a facilitator in the room with you, where do you begin?

Our Cultural Competence Reflection Tool provides an opportunity for you to explore your attitudes, beliefs, skills, and understanding of issues related to culture, migration, and communication. It then identifies your strengths and areas for development and guides you towards strengthening these areas, making your Cultural Competence goals clear and achievable.

With this tool, you will be given specific examples that will lead you to review your own practices and reflect on what works well and what doesn’t. You will then be directed to resources that will help you fill any gaps the tool has identified.

For example, you may have found it difficult to work with interpreters in the past or felt that things didn’t always go to plan when working with interpreters, but you are unsure why. The Cultural Competence Reflection Tool will help you identify this area for development, and provide the relevant resources for you to explore.

After reflecting on your own work, you and your colleagues can reflect together using the  Cultural Competence Assessment for Organisations. This tool evaluates cultural competence at the organisational level by reviewing policies, systems, and practices across areas like governance, communication, and planning. Just like the Reflection Tool, it identifies strengths and areas for development and suggests resources that may be useful.

Remember, cultural competence is a process, not an endpoint, so you can come back to these tools and check in whenever you feel the need to.

Where can I find the tools?

Access the Cultural Competence Reflection Tool here.

Access the Cultural Competence Assessment for Organisations here.

Thanks for reading, and happy goal-setting!

Tristan and the Training Team

 For any further information, email us at Ceh_Training@nrch.com.au