On Monday, 29 May, exactly 10 months after it began, Project .05’s incredible journey came to an end at Fitzroy Town Hall, amidst a fitting celebration which showcased its outstanding achievements over the past year.

CEH ran Project .05 in partnership with young African people in the City of Yarra to understand the dangers of excessive drinking. The project has given a powerful voice to young people whilst educating others about the dangers of harmful alcohol use. CEH collaborated with the City of Yarra and worked with The Seed Network to roll this project out.

The evening was a celebration of our Community Youth Advisors (CYAs) involved in the project, and the power of community-powered health promotion. The CYAs presented their creative videos and podcast, all aimed at raising awareness about the impact of alcohol misuse.

The event also featured an engaging Q&A session, mouth-watering food, and an incredible dance performance by one of our talented CYAs.

Congratulations to all the participants of Project .05! You’ve become true champions in co-designing resources, promoting health messages, and leading group planning sessions. We can’t wait to witness more of your amazing work in the future. You can find out more about Project .05 here – https://www.ceh.org.au/resource-hub/project-05/