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Online Training – ‘Introduction to Cultural Competence’

This module is pitched at an introductory level and provides a theoretical framework for people who are already working in culturally responsive settings. It is for workers who are less familiar with the concept of cultural competence.

This training is delivered through CEH Online (online learning portal). Training takes 30-40 minutes and can be completed at learner’s own pace. Read full details here.

We also offer content customisation to match your organisational training requirements. Contact Anni Tillack-Benton for more details.

Purchase online 

When you purchase this training online, you will automatically have an account set up where you can complete the training at your own pace. Payment is processed online through our secure payment gateway.

If you are considering purchasing this module for large numbers at your organisation, you might want to consider our ‘organisational training’ option which will provide you with a dedicated portal with your own dedicated URL and branding. Special rates available for non for profit organisations. For more information about this option please contact Anni Tillack-Benton or 03 9418 9928.

Try it for free

Want to get a preview of the course before making a decision? We offer two options: 

  1. Try the free demo. Get full access to the first of four modules from the course. 
  2. Organisations who are interested in training a large workforce can have access to the entire course with one 7-day trial account. Additional trial accounts can be negotiated in some circumstances. Contact Anni Tillack-Benton (or call 03 9418 9928) to organise additional trial accounts. 

CEH online training portal

We deliver all our online training through a cloud based Learning management System (LMS). We can accommodate both individual and organisational accounts. 

Individual account
When you purchase one of our online training you will be given immediate access to CEH Online (our online learning portal). You can then login and start your training straight away.

Organisational account
Our organisational account provides you with a dedicated online learning portal and a customised look and feel for your organisation (think logo, colour scheme). Other features include:

  • A dedicated URL (web address) for your organisational online learning portal
  • An ‘admin account’ type for tracking learners’ progress and completion
  • A discussions forum dedicated to your learners 
  • Additional customisation including: customised content on the homepage, internal/external announcements, links to policy/procedure documents of your organisation, etc.

Why should I do cultural competence training? 


Be able to respond to Australia's increasing diversity.

As Australia’s population becomes increasingly diverse and has more complex needs, our services and programs need to be able to provide high quality services to a range of people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.  One of the first steps to achieve this is by building a culturally responsive workforce. 


Improve communication with your diverse clients

By being culturally competent, you will have a heightened awareness of your own cultural bias and lens. This means you have a better chance at understanding the needs of your clients and their own unique cultural backgrounds. 


Increase quality of your services

You will improve the quality of your services as you increase your understanding of your clients’ needs and improve communication. Past participants of our training have reported that they are able to incorporate cultural competence into their practice and have improved rapport with their clients.

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