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Introduction to Cultural Competence

An  interactive online training module which will help you be culturally responsive to your diverse clients.

It is suitable for health, community and government staff working with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

This module is pitched at an introductory level and provides a theoretical framework for people who are already working in culturally responsive settings. It is for workers who are less familiar with the concept of cultural competence.

The training can be accessed from any computer with internet access and can be done at your own pace. Your progress is saved and you can continue the training from where you left.

To try this module you can sign up for a free demo which will give you access to the first section out of four. Please contact Anni Tillack-Benton or 03 9418 9928 for further information.

Delivery Mode

Online training : This training is delivered online and can be completed in your own time. You can access this training by logging into our training portal. You will be provided login details after registering.

Date & Time

No dates are set for this course



Learning Outcomes

• Define the concepts of culture and cultural competence.
• Demonstrate the importance of cultural competence in your work.
• Identify the impact of cultural interpretations and bias.
• Develop strategies to improve your cultural competence.

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