New language services resources to help improve client communication

Dec 20, 2014

We have launched our new Language Services Guide and information sheets to the community on Tuesday 9 December 2014.

People from around the health and local government sector attended the launch for the opportunity to learn more about the resources, as well as hear from our guest speakers about their experiences with language services.

The Language Services Guide and information sheets are designed to support and encourage all agencies, no matter how established or confident they are in their practices, to aim for continuous improvement in their provision of language services.

Almost a decade has passed since we released the Language Services Guide and an update with new examples of language service initiatives is timely and necessary. With Victoria becoming a more linguistically diverse State, the need for such a guide is greater than ever. The Guide showcases examples, in the form of case studies contributed from organisations across Victoria, of ways to approach and implement language services.

The language services information sheets have proven very popular in the past and these have been updated in response to sector demand and developments in language service policy. These information sheets provide useful information on how to effectively engage with language services.  

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