Cultural Competence Organisational Review Tool

The Cultural Competence Organisational Review (CORe) tool helps organisations improve their own cultural competence. By improving cultural competence, organisations strengthen their service delivery (access and appropriateness) to people from refugee and migrant communities. The CORe tool empowers organisations to evaluate their own cultural competence. These findings are then used to inform any changes to services, internal procedures or policies needed to strengthen organisational cultural competence. By using the tool, organisations gain an understanding of their current policies and practices related to culturally and linguistically diverse groups. This understanding is gained through a variety of methods including:


  • Staff survey
  • Document reviews
  • Community consultations
  • Action planning and implementation
  • Evaluation

CORe is particularly suited for use by organisations such as community health services with a service delivery component within the health sector. The tool can also be adapted for local government and other service provider settings. CORe was developed in partnership by Merri Community Health Services, The University of Melbourne and the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health.

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