Cultural Competence Reflection Tool

The Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (CEH) has developed the Cultural Competence Reflection Tool (CCRT). CCRT is an online resource that is designed to gauge individual workers’ cultural competence across several domains. The domains include: attitudes and beliefs about ‘culture’ and diversity; understanding of health literacy; use of language services; proficiency in developing culturally responsive assessments and interventions; and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.

The tool highlights workers’ strengths and areas for development. Where gaps are identified, it provides recommendations for training and links to information and resources for further learning.

This tool complements the Cultural Competence Assessment for Organisations (CCAO), which helps organisations assess their cultural competence through a review of policies and practices at an organisational level .

To access the CCRT tool, click here.

To find out more about both CCRT and CCAO, click here.