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CEH’s Multicultural Community Action Network (M-CAN) celebrated Victorian STI Testing Week by conducting an interactive workshop for year 9 & 10 students at Al-Taqwa College, Truganina. The workshop encouraged conversations around STIs within a safe space for young Muslim females and educated them about the importance of early STI detection and regular screening.

1 in 6 people will contract an STI at some point – STIs don’t care about age, sexuality, income or where you live.
If you are sexually active, the best way to prevent STI transmission is to use a condom – they are the best protection for you and your partner.

Regular STI testing – at least once every 12 months – is also important, and STI tests are quick, easy and confidential.

For more information, visit “What are Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs)?


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