The Pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences is making sure that everyone living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has a better understanding of its HIV treating drugs. Gilead Sciences has now launched a software application (App) called HealthVu that provides information in a simple to understand video. The video is available in English, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese Brazilian and Spanish.

In 2020 Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd invited CEH’s Multicultural Health & Support Services (MHSS) to create a plain English document for their branded HIV medication.  This was a co-design project so as to ensure both the accuracy of the information provided as well as the cultural appropriateness of the translated information.

MHSS assessed the HIV medication information provided by Gilead for its readability, and developed a new plain language text. This was then translated by Polaron Language Services into Chinese, Thai, Portuguese Brazilian and Spanish.

The translated material was then assessed by community members to assess the readability, the accuracy and the appropriateness of the translated material. This process of translation and focus testing was repeated a number of times to make sure that the finished product would be easy to understand with the targeted communities.

Once the feedback of the translated material met with the community’s approval, the text was forwarded by MHSS to Gilead Sciences. Gilead Sciences then used to video production company to develop a video for the text provided.

A flyer has been created for healthcare professionals to use to work with patients to download the app.

This is a service created in partnership with The Centre for Culture, Enthnicity & Health and Gilead Sciences.