Health Translation Funding Extension

A training project for Interpreters, Translators and Bicultural Workers to better understand & communicate COVID-19 public health messages.

What is the difference between isolation and quarantine? How do you self-isolate in a large household? For the next few months, CEH is running free workshops for Interpreters, Translators, Bicultural Workers and Multicultural education Aides (MEA’s) in Victoria to ensure that they understand the terminology around Covid-19, are up-to-date with steps out of lockdown, know what payments are available and can explain all this in simple terms and in the community member’s language.

The training also provides opportunities for participants to reflect on how their communities’ cultural preferences and practices are affected by the restrictions.

Following on from the success of the Understanding the NDIS workshop series, CEH have been fortunate to receive funding support from the Victorian Government via the Multicultural COVID-19 Taskforce for this project.

Timeline: October 2020 – March 2021

The workshops are currently offered online due to restrictions on number of people indoors.

Interpreters’ workshops are offered by language; interpreters are contacted directly to inform them of the date of workshops in their language.

Bicultural Workers and MEAs workshops are run on demand.

To organise a Bicultural Workers or MEAs workshops, please contact Vivien Fox (Office Manager, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health)  to organise a date: