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Far too often when it comes to difficult conversations about contraception and safer sex, we talk around it and shy away from the real conversations.

Using no contraception, typically 85 in 100 women will get pregnant every year and currently more than 40% of pregnancies are unwanted. Half of those 40% end with an abortion, often in unsafe conditions that threaten the woman’s health and life.

This SEXtember, Multicultural Community Action Network (M-CAN) made the most of World Contraception Day by having a meaningful conversation around safer sex and contraception and answering some real questions:

  • Which contraceptive method protects against STIs?
  • What about convenience of use?
  • How effective are they?

“The workshop was sooo good! Loved the energy and coordination among you guys. Learned a lot and keep doing more events like this.”

– Participant.


Multicultural Community Action Network (M-CAN)

We support community members and groups to lead their own health promotion activities & resource development to improve their health literacy and increase the health and wellbeing of their communities.

M-CAN brings together members of refugee & migrant communities to help like-minded people work towards improving the sexual health of their own communities.


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