COVID-19 and international students

CEH’s International Student Sexual Health Network (ISSHN ) is an Australian wide network, established by the Multicultural Health & Support Service (MHSS) in 2015 for professionals working in the field who are addressing issues related to the sexual health of international students. It provides an opportunity for its members to share information on research, policy and practice, as well as collaborate on various projects which promote the sexual health and wellbeing of international students studying in Australia.

Chaired by CEH Co-Manager Alison Coelho, the network meets 2-3 times a year and is and coordinated by MHSS’s Community Engagement & Project Officer Aditi Sharma.

Special presenters and topics in the May 28, 2020 meeting included Rosie Brennan from Women’s Health in the North, (@whinmelbourne) discussing the Sexual Health Information Pathways Project for International Students (SHIPP) and Rachael Smith from Children by Choice (@childrenbychoice) discussing the impact of COVID-19 on abortion access.