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Everything you need to know about hepatitis is here

Inflammation of the liver

Come closer my friend, only two steps

So that we can think and talk together
My liver is flooded with blood for a couple of years
From war, fanaticism and hatred
Have you thought why?
The ice of our respect has melted down drop by drop
Water has become cloudy from its source
I have suffered a lot
To understand to the point that
The liver of our worldview has got inflammation
And this is why
The face of our thinking has turned to yellow yellow yellow
If we do not find antibody in our body
The inflammation will surely become chronic
Better to know the threat first

Before the hepatitis ah develops to a hepatitis B


Again I think
We have been in severe agony for many years
Either we are negligent or ignoring the
Signs of our illness which are brighter than the late dawn
But we
Are caught up in the first phase of a diagnosis
We should make a very solid, strong decision
So to treat
The flesh-eating, centuries old sore
We should stop the enlargement of a tumour that grows on ignorance, misunderstanding and hostility
It shouldn’t grow larger than our liver


All Langerhans islands of our collective geography
Have been conquered by the vicious virus of power
Don’t know why we are proud of this attitude?
Time and again we are proud of ‘I was so’ and ‘I am so’
I am thinking
This worldview is expiring soon
The inherited worldview from a tribal viewpoint


To the wellbeing of which wellbeing?
To the wellbeing of which honour?
To the wellbeing of which fruitless Panipat invasion?
I should toast!


O astute and smart doctors!
Are you hearing continuous sound of my groaning?
Me, this arrogant loser!
Is afraid of contaminating the environment of this global village
Because the wheat of mine and injured us, has been grinded
Between the stones of civilisation and tribalism
And its bread is on the table of strangers


At the end
If your brain receptor has shivered
And you understood crying verses of my blooded liver
Then come to the continent of my feeling with opened eyes

Come! As coming is your absolute right
But remove your sunglasses!
Put your hatred gun down
Come to talk together
I will accept to protest
Not by a rifle, but by the tongue of my pen
If these continuous groaning let us realise a dialogue between me and you, the injuries of centuries

By: Samedi

Translated: Amir Ansari

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