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Health Translations is an online library where people can access high quality, consumer-focused translated materials on health and social services. With more than 22,000 resources in over 100 languages (including Auslan & Easy English), it brings together translated resources produced by government & community agencies Australia-wide. We work in partnership with peak bodies across Australia to ensure all information reflects the highest professional and editorial standards.

At a time when everyone needs to understand COVID-19 and how to protect themselves, the Health Translations team has been working tirelessly to provide up-to-date translated information in written, audio and video format to suit all literacy levels, helping Victoria’s multicultural communities & service providers stay safe & informed.

CEH has been managing Health Translations since 2014.

 “This funding shows a commitment by the State Government to improve access to health and human services-related information for Victorians from refugee and migrant backgrounds,”
said Bernice Murphy, Co-Manager, CEH.

“Victorians born overseas, especially women and children,  higher health needs than other members of our community, and Health Translations is part of an effort to bridge that gap,’’ she said. “It is essential for people from culturally diverse backgrounds to be aware of information on health, housing, child and family services, family violence support, and topics such as disability and youth.

We are in a strong position to work with communities to ensure they are getting access to quality, relevant and up to date information.”

Health Translations helps practitioners find accurate information in their clients’ preferred language. All resources are available in English, to ensure practitioners give their clients the correct information. We have a very helpful section called “Tools for Professionals” which includes resources & tip sheets on Language Services, Health Literacy & Cultural Competence.

Online library with over 22,000 resources in over 100 languages of high quality, consumer-focused translated materials on health and social services

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