Anni Tillack-Benton and Georgia Pinney

CEH is delighted to announce that the Department of Health has agreed to further funding of Health Translations for the next three years. This is a great acknowledgement of the work and effort of the small project team who are passionate about ensuring that high quality, consumer focused, translated information is available to people from a range of language backgrounds.

Health Translations is a free online library with over 28,000 high-quality multi-lingual resources on Australian health and wellbeing. Made for Australian health practitioners and people who work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, the site provides quick access to a wealth of reliable resources.

CEH would like to thank its fantastic content partners who collaborate with Health Translations to keep the information high-quality and up to date. Through this effort and partnership, we can deliver the most extensive collection of translated resources produced in Australia.

CEH thanks the Health Translations team for their efforts – Anni Tillack-Benton, Health Translations Coordinator and Georgia Pinney, Health Translations Project Officer.