Health Literacy Training Courses

The majority of Australians have low health literacy.

At least 6 out of 10 people you see may have trouble  understanding and using the information you give. This fact has lead to Health literacy being included in the Safety and quality standards.

What does this mean for Australian service providers?
It means you need to make healthcare easier.

You need to create policies, systems and train staff with the health literacy of your clients in mind:

  • Plan all services with the understanding that most of you clients may have trouble understanding what you tell them
  • Use plain language communication in all written and spoken interactions with clients
  • Collaborate with your clients to design and improve services and communication.

We can help you make your organisation easier to understand and use.

We’re Australian pioneers in health literacy. Since 2013, we’ve delivered shorter workshops and longer courses across Victoria and Australia. Our training is evidence-based, practical and engaging. We can help you address health literacy from an individual staff level to organisational wide.

Our health literacy training is available online and face to face.


Of people you see have problems understanding and using the information you give

Online Health Literacy Training


Health Literacy Essentials (HLE) gives your staff the skills to communicate more effectively with consumers. HLE highlights issues caused by Low Health Literacy and provides fun and engaging activities that let your staff practice the solutions

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Face to Face Health Literacy Presentations & Training

We can deliver shorter presentations and workshops or longer courses on many aspects of Health literacy. We can deliver these at your location or at ours.

You can speak to us create a custom training from our comprehensive knowledge base.

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We can help you:


Improve Spoken Communication


Improve Written Communication


Use Consumer participation and Codesign to improve services


Address Health Literacy through your organisation’s Policies, Systems & Processes


Work with different cultural understandings of health and healthcare


Reduce language barriers through interpreters and translations


Make your phone systems, Website and physical spaces easier to navigate