With a new year knocking on our door, the CEH trainers are looking forward to exciting opportunities and a fresh start. Probably like most of you 😊.

The training team has changed a little. The new lineup is Siri ,Jolyon and Eman. We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone- 1000 of you!- who came to our training and webinars this year. Thanks for your dedication to making services in Australia work for everyone.  Your insight and enthusiasm keeps us going and trying to find new ways to help you meet this goal. We’d also like to say thanks to the 6000 people who used our eLearning too!

We hope you gained some strategies and information to improve how you work with people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

The past year brought many learning opportunities and despite the uncertainty and changes, we still managed to collaborate with many of you. THANK YOU for working with us.

Before we sign off there’s one more thing to celebrate. Our new training officer Eman Al-Dasuqi who joined us in October. Eman has a rich understanding of the settlement experience and a ton of passion and experience helping people find their feet in a new country.  Together we are gearing up for an exciting and inspirational new year. No matter how you engage with us [face to face | online training | eLearning] we look forward to helping you make you work better with people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

We hope you get the chance to connect and reconnect with people over the coming months and we will see you IN PERSON and online in ‘22.