Interpreter Feedback

Hey there! Let’s talk about an important aspect of working with interpreters: debriefing and feedback. Interpreters frequently tell us, they really value a briefing well done. Debriefing with an interpreter can be equally as important. Now don’t be afraid of providing a little feedback. This does not have to be a formal process, just a conversation.

Debriefing and Comments:

As you read this I can hear voices saying, “I am not able to debrief when someone hangs up mid call!” Yes, calls can end abruptly. But when you have the chance, use it to strengthen your practice. It is an opportunity to discuss the meeting and get the interpreter’s feedback, raise concerns, provide compliments and ideas for future meetings. During the debriefing, you can share your feedback while also seeking the interpreter’s input on your performance and management of the conversation. Make it informal and friendly.

5 ways to debrief:

  • Ask what did and didn’t work well
  • Get their unique cultural insights for next time
  • Address deviations from the role and poor performance
  • Evaluate challenges in maintaining impartiality and role fulfilment
  • Reflect on chosen terminology and its rationale

Here are a few examples.

” Did you encounter any challenges in finding appropriate translations or equivalents? This will help us refine our communication approach and ensure clarity in future interactions with our migrant and refugee clients.”

“I’d love to hear your cultural insights from the session we had with the migrant client. Did you notice any cultural nuances that we should be aware of for our next interaction? Your perspective as an interpreter with a similar cultural background is helpful to increase understanding.”

When to escalate the matter:

Should serious matters arise, such as non-attendance or inadequate accreditation, make sure to discuss them with the interpreter and the interpreter agency responsible.

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So, let’s foster collaboration, provide constructive feedback, and ensure a supportive environment for interpreters and clients alike. Together, we can create a seamless language experience.

Thanks for reading.
The CEH Training team