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In the Alcohol and other Drugs (AoD) Sector  

This month, CEH’s Multicultural Drug & Alcohol Partnership (MDAP) conducted two training sessions for managers and workers in the Alcohol and other Drugs (AoD) sector around improving care and access for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. MDAP is funded by the  North Western Melbourne PHN – https://nwmphn.org.au/ .

The first one conducted by Alison Coelho was for managers of AoD services and focused on how organisations can better meet the needs of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. This interactive session focused on the structural and cultural issues within and outside AoD organisations and the policy and practical strategies that can be implemented to improve services.

The second, was conducted by Piergiorgio Moro for workers employed in AoD services who have direct contact with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds and explored how to use cultural engagement as a form of harm reduction. This interactive session focused on being able to appreciate the social and community environment that people may come from and determine the practice tools and frameworks that workers can use to make their practice more culturally inclusive.

The Multicultural Drug & Alcohol Partnership (MDAP) aims to prevent alcohol and other drug harm in the South Sudanese community.

More here: https://www.ceh.org.au/multicultural-approach-to-drug-support-to-save-lives/

For more information, contactmdapadmin@ceh.org.au | Yom: 0419 619 365 | Deng: 0428 248 694 | Anyaak: 0428 491 161

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