Cultural Competence Assessment for Organisations

The Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (CEH) has developed a Cultural Competence Assessment for Organisations (CCAO). This comprehensive online tool enables organisations to assess their level of cultural competence. It does this by asking agencies to explore the extent to which their policies, systems and practices are meeting the needs of clients from migrant and refugee communities in a number of areas. These range from organisational values and governance to communication and community engagement. The outcomes of the assessment can be used to make changes to ensure that cultural diversity issues are a key consideration in all aspects of an organisation’s work.

The tool is based on the CEH’s Cultural Competence Framework, which was adapted from Lewin Group’s ‘Indicators of Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery Organisatons’ as well as a review of local and international instruments for measuring cultural competence.

CEH is also developing a Cultural Competence Assessment for Practitioners (CCAP), which will focus on assessing cultural competence at the individual practitioner or worker level. It will explore practitioners’ attitudes, knowledge and skills in key areas relating to cultural competence. This tool will complement the CCAO and is particularly useful for measuring the CCAO’s ‘Services and Interventions’ category.

There are many benefits to undertaking cultural competence assessments. At the organisational level, it supports agencies to make changes that can result in increased staff satisfaction, more inclusive and equitable services and better client outcomes. At the practitioner level, it can highlight workers’ strengths as well as areas that might require further understanding and skill development.

To access the tool, click here.