Health Translation Funding Extension

Thank you to everyone who came to our training in 2020 despite all the obstacles of working remotely, juggling children and work or changed duties.

In light of COVID-19, you helped us move from face to face workshops to successful, engaging on-line workshops. Some workshops were easier to adapt than others, but you helped us iterate and improve to make our online workshops interactive, practical and fun.

Our Health Literacy course also went fully on-line this year.  Using digital channels such as Zoom and webinars, we managed to reach the same levels of satisfaction and engagement with participants as in face-to-face courses. Most importantly, participants did a great job of producing health literacy projects that improved their organisations capacities in co-design, communications and strategic planning.

We went a bit webinar crazy this year. 200 of you showed up each month and had great conversations about how we can make health services easier to use for everyone. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and effort! We’ll be back with more fantastic webinars next year.

We look forward to seeing you online, and maybe even face to face, in 2021 where we’ll be continuing our commitment to helping organisations work more effectively with migrants and refugees.

We’ve spent 25 years refining how we help organisations & their staff work effectively across cultures, with a range of training on-line options to suit your needs. Our training is;

  • based on research & experience
  • delivered by highly skilled facilitators with expert knowledge
  • tailored specifically to the needs of your staff
  • interactive, engaging, with opportunities for self-reflection

For training enquiries please contact Siri to find out more on or 9418 9912.

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday period… you deserve it.

Happy festive season and best wishes for 2021.

CEH Training team.

Join our Health Literacy member’s site to gain priority access to our expertise and & webinars on:

• Organisational Health Literacy
• Organisational Cultural Competence
• Effective Spoken Communication
• Challenges of Online Training
• Bicultural/ Bilingual Workers: So Misunderstood
• Practical Strategies to Reduce Your Unconscious Biases
• Language Services: Collective Strength
• Translations: Making a Start
• Negotiating Between Health Beliefs

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