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Introduction to Cultural Competence Unit 2: Practical Skills

Introduction to Cultural Competence Unit 2: Practical Skills

The 2016 Australian Census stated that 28% of Australians are born overseas with 27.3% of Australians now not speaking English at home. Australia is made up of an increasingly diverse group of communities and it’s important to ensure that you and your workers can recognise the needs of our modern community.

Unit 2 lets your staff practice the skills they need to work effectively with migrants and refugees. This unit has practical activities that show your staff how to reduce unconscious bias, use plain language and check their clients understanding.

Learning Outcomes

In Unit 2, You’ll Practice Skills To:

  • Speak and write in plain language
  • Check what clients understand from what they say
  • Identify biases and learn thinking patterns to minimise them
  • Identify their own cultural preferences and practice strategies for working with clients who are from other cultures

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Topics: Cultural Competence

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