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Working Across Language and Culture

The 2016 Australian Census stated that 28% of Australians are born overseas with 27.3% of Australians now not speaking English at home. Australia is made up of an increasingly diverse group of communities and it’s important to ensure that you and your workers can recognise the needs of our modern community.

Working Across Language and Culture (WLC) is an online training course that gives your staff the key skills and knowledge to work with people from different cultures. It is practical, engaging and uses engaging multimedia content to illustrate learning. It’s also responsive, enabling optimal user experience on smartphone, tablet and desktop computer, so users can complete their training on their preferred device.

This course has been designed to give practical strategies and knowledge to approach cross-cultural interactions, both with clients and internally. It helps your organisation set a clear agenda for creating a culturally responsive organisation that can navigate and excel in cultural diversity. 

To try this module you can sign up for a free demo which will give you access to a short extract from one of eight sections. Each section takes roughly 6-10 minutes to complete. Please contact Anni Tillack-Benton or call 03 9418 9928 for further information.

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Learning Outcomes

• Define the concepts of culture and cultural competence.
• Demonstrate the importance of cultural competence in your work.
• Identify the impact of cultural interpretations and bias.
• Develop strategies to improve your cultural competence.

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