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Stigma and Confidentiality

Everything you need to know about hepatitis is here

Hepatitis B virus was silently shouting in his body

With an ah in her heart, Begum was recalling that last month before the blood test she was softly and kindly squeezing his hands and he was staring at blue looking dekko of his dream girl and thinking of planning a surprise Valentine party for her.

Agha’s sweet dreams turned to a cold mirage, when he was told about the result of a positive hepatitis B test.

Days are passing and he feels lonely and takes his lunch alone.

His workmates avoid talking to him and maintain a distance from him.

Signs of severe depression are seen in his face and from his loneliness

Severe weight loss in a matter of one month has weakened his body’s defence system.

He has been completely isolated as the severe depression plays a devastating role in his life

Agha is a victim of a stigma which originates from the paranoia growing in the head of his friends and workmates

No one needs to disclose their hepatitis B status

Your doctor keeps it confidential

No one should suffer needlessly

Sara Jafari

Translated into English: Amir Ansari

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