October 25 is Drop the Jargon Day!

Drop the Jargon Day is a day for health and human services workers to practice and promote using plain, jargon free language. 6 out of 10 people in Australia have low Health Literacy. Many Australians have trouble understanding and using information provided by organisations and navigating complicated systems like healthcare services. When we use jargon,  it’s hard for people to understand and use information.

Pledge to #dropthejargon HERE.

Heard a bad piece of jargon lately? Add it to the Jargon Begone list!

Better health literate practices in organisations can dramatically improve health outcomes, particularly in the most marginalised population groups. In 2022, now more than ever, how we communicate with CALD communities can be critical to improving health outcomes.

Since the inception of Drop the Jargon Day in 2014 we’ve reached thousands of dedicated practitioners and organisations Australia wide who have pledged to Drop the Jargon in their workplaces. We’re calling on you to add your name to the list.

Drop the Jargon Day started when organisations interested in clear communication were looking to build on the work they had done at the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health as graduates of the Health Literacy Course.  Thanks to this enthusiasm and CEH’s commitment to improving health outcomes for people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, Drop the Jargon was born, an annual event marking Health Literacy Month in October.

CEH is a pioneer in Health Literacy training in Australia with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare highlighting our work. We run specialised training helping workplaces to improve their plain language health communication.

We’re running FREE webinars to help give your workplace the tools and resources to improve your Health Literacy awareness.  Register now!  Link to webinar: https://bit.ly/3qJpqVk

Head to the Drop the Jargon Day website to download resources to help promote and celebrate the day in your workplace.

 Together we can pledge to #dropthejargon and improve health literacy in Australia.