Building on the Understanding the NDIS training which CEH run for interpreters in Victoria last year, CEH received further support from the Victorian government to continue the interpreters’ training and to expand it to bicultural workers and Multicultural Education Aides until June 2020.

In 2018, CEH trained around 500 interpreters to understand the NDIS. The NDIS is a major system change that brings with it new processes and a new language. Skilled interpreters do not translate word-to-word; instead they translate concepts and expressions (such as ‘eligibility’, ‘core support’ or ‘access decision’) so they make sense in the clients’ culture. With this new funding, we are able to update the training content to reflect the evolution of the NDIS, add to the Glossary of NDIS terminology to include new NDIS definitions, and offer the training to the other 2,000 or so interpreters in Victoria.

We are also able expand the training to bicultural workers. While their role is very different from that of interpreters (and should not be confused), bicultural workers are often called upon by community members to explain systems to them. They also need to understand the NDIS to be able to inform and support those who come into contact with the system.

By training interpreters and bicultural workers, CEH is hoping to equip Victoria with a multicultural workforce that is able to support CALD communities to fully engage with the NDIS.

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