MDAP Community Education Session Booking Form

We provide free community education sessions to groups that include South Sudanese community members.

Community education sessions are available to the community about alcohol and other drugs and the services available for support.

Mode of delivery: Face to face and online webinar

How to book an education session

  • Please book at least four weeks in advance.
  • An educator will be in contact with you to tailor the session for your group’s needs.
  • Following the session/s we would appreciate your feedback.

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Community engagement on Alcohol and other Drugs

Alcohol and other drug use, is a topic many communities feel uncomfortable to talk about because of health beliefs and stigma about drug and alcohol use. This session shares information about specific drugs and their effects, the health system in Australia and how drugs can impact mental health.

Topics: Traditional beliefs about Alcohol and other Drugs, the health system in Australia, types of drugs and their effects on an individual, family and the community as well as the effects of drugs on an individual’s mental health.

Mode of delivery: Face to face or online (for example, through Zoom, Facebook Live, or other, at your request)

Reducing alcohol and other drugs harms for young people and their families

Alcohol and drugs is a taboo subject in many communities, yet it is used in most communities across the world. For some people, it is very hard to stop using alcohol and drugs, but there are things they, and their loved ones, can do to reduce the harms caused by drug and alcohol use. We provide information to families and friends to support their young person, and skills to talk to them about their drug use.

Topics: Harm reduction, mental health and wellbeing, how to talk with loved ones about alcohol and other drugs, improving family relationships and services that can help young people experiencing harms from alcohol and other drugs.

Mode of delivery: Face to face and online (for example, through Zoom, Facebook Live, or other, at your request)