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Everything you need to know about hepatitis is here

If you are seeking knowledge and in your childhood

Or having a child doing your parenthood 


Listen to my dear friend it is good for you

Story of hepatitis, its symptoms and treatment are written for you


The story of jaundice and the weakness of the body

Vomiting, abdominal pain and anxiety


Your beloved is sick and groaning

Tired and weak, sometimes sighing


Maybe you are fighting with yourself, my dear!

Or you ask yourself these questions, my dear!


Where did I sleep and if I got blood recently?

Or I shared a needle incautiously?


The solution is here, think O my dear!

Take time to test your blood the sooner!


What are the causes of hepatitis my friend?

Sharing a needle is the first please apprehend!


Having non-professional tattoos is the second

The next way is having unsafe sex


If you are asking about long life immunity

Vaccination is the answer for hepatitis B


By: Sara

Translated from Dari into English: Amir Ansari

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