Health Translations Directory expanding into Human Services

Bernice Murphy (CEH), Phillip O’Meara (DHHS), Demos Krouskos (CEH) & Karen Cusack (HCC) at the announcement today.

The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health (CEH) today announced that its Health Translations Directory will be expanded to enable more Victorians to get better access to health information supported by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services. 

The funding will enable CEH to continue to manage the health resources portal and to expand the site to include information relating to human services.

“This funding shows a commitment by the State Government to improve access to health and human services related information for Victorians from refugee and migrant backgrounds,” said Bernice Murphy, Co-Manager, CEH.

“Victorians born overseas, especially women and children have poorer health than other members of our community, the Health Translations Directory is part of an effort to bridge that gap,’’ she said. 

The Health Translations Directory is a portal for translated information on health and wellbeing. The directory enables health practitioners and those working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to easily find translated health information. The Health Complaints Commissioner also announced that a range of newly translated resources are now available on the directory.

“It is essential for people from culturally diverse backgrounds to be aware of information on housing, child and family services, family violence support, and areas like disability and youth. We are in a strong position to work with communities to ensure they are getting access to relevant information,” Bernice Murphy said.

Bernice was also pleased with current projects focussing on new refugees.

‘’With the commitment to accept 12,000 refugees from Syria and Iraqi, it is really heartening to see planning for people arriving from this region. Welcoming them into our community and understanding their needs has real value for everyone. It’s a great initiative,” Bernice said.

Contact for an interview or further information:

Matt Loads
Ph: 0403011174


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