Health Literacy resources

Health literacy looks at whether patients can obtain, process and understand the health information and services they need to make their health decisions.

It also looks at how healthcare providers and systems can provide information and improve interaction with individuals, communities and each other to improve health literacy.

Using Teach-Back via an interpreter

Not sure where to start when translating materials? This 6-step guide provides you with easy steps, which will help you produce a translated resource that is accurate and culturally appropriate.

Written communication

Health information is an important part of health literacy. Clients and the community need to be able to access, understand and act on health information. A lot of health information is presented in a complex way, and is often in writing.

Verbal communication

Use different tools to improve verbal communication with clients who have low health literacy.

Measuring health literacy

Use different methods and tools to assess health literacy, and understand the limitations of measurement.

What is Health Literacy?

Understand the three elements of health literacy from the perspective of different stakeholders, and the role they play in improving health outcomes for patients.