We can assist you to be more culturally responsive

Is your organisation effective and prompt in your cultural response?

Using our in-depth cultural expertise, we can work with your organisation’s projects, resource-development and service delivery to further develop your cultural responsiveness.



How we work with you:

Project Management

We have designed and managed many projects, for a range of large and small organisations to increase cultural competence, improve or evaluate service delivery and cross-cultural communication. We have also worked with many people to build awareness through social marketing, created inclusive policy and help them broaden access to their services.

An example of our Project Management:

Health Translations Directory

The Department of Health & Human Services asked us to manage and improve the Health Translations Directory. This useful online resource assists health practitioners and the community by providing reliable, translated health information. The directory now has over 13,000 multi-lingual health resources easily accessible, and we are adding new resources, every day.


Cultural Competence

Working with you we can help identify areas of strength and weakness in the areas of cultural competence. By undertaking a full service review, we can help you identify where your organisation can improve and provide recommendations on the next steps to make it happen.

An example of a review:

SalvoConnect Audit

SalvoConnect asked us to undertake a review of the service for cultural competence. We helped SalvoConnect identify which areas of their services could be improved so that they could deliver more appropriate and responsive services to clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Feedback from them tells us that implementing these changes has really improved this aspect of the organisation.

Resource Development:

We can help you produce a range of print and multimedia resources for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences, as well as training guides and support materials for service providers.

An example of our Resource Development:

Teach Back in a Hepatitis B context

We developed this resource to demonstrate the use of Teach Back in a Hepatitis B context.

Teach back is a technique clinicians can use with clients to reduce the chance of misunderstanding important health information. The technique can assist patients to understand and engage in their own care and improves health literacy. This resource has been developed in partnership with St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Melbourne Primary Care Network.

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